Latest Heating and AC Products

One of Michigan’s premier Lennox dealers, BHP offers the latest in Lennox heating and air conditioning technology.

The Ultimate Comfort Systemby Lennox

Using Precise Comfort® technology, you can now enjoy an environment of perfectly heated and cooled air.

What’s even better, this truly revolutionary system offers unprecedented energy efficiency, no matter what it’s like outside.

Our system can work with SunSource® modules to make the most of solar power.

You can monitor and adjust the temperature from anywhere, using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop!

Also available with PureAir Air Purification technology, which offers healthier, cleaner air to your family.


Healthy Climate® Humidifiers

Enhanced air quality and comfort are yours with Lennox’s line of Healthy Climate® Whole-Home Power Humidifiers.

The Healthy Climate® Humidifier attaches to your air handler or furnace, and infuses the air with moisture through the duct system.

The unit will circulate air even when not in operation, due to a built-in fan.

//  Dry air is a problem during the winter months. Alleviate discomfort with Healthy Climate®!
//  Moist air creates a healthier home
//  Lessen skin irritations, sore throats, and respiratory problems
//  Available with automatic control